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What is an Intuitive Consultant? 10/07



To begin this month, I have a question for you…“What actually is an Intuitive Counselor”? Do you know? Since beginning this column, I am continually asked that question on a daily basis. Even after reading my columns, hearing me on the radio and even visiting my website, there is still confusion. Ok, let me see if I can help clarify.

Intuition is a direct way of knowing and understanding our truths and even our falsities (we all possess this gift). I use my intuition like a researcher to see things that are not visible to the human eye (energy). I see the non-physical facets - such as old beliefs, patterns, emotions, and unconscious dynamics, which surround you.  This includes all aspects of you - anything in your mental, emotional, unconscious, physical, or spiritual being. This is not seen on a physical plain; it is based on an energetic frequency and therefore can be completed at a distance (phone or email). The information given is accurate, either way.

I work with Divine Spirit to provide information about you and how you relate to the world around you, focusing primarily on your area of concern. I can focus on and immediately describe to you what I see (beliefs, hopes, judgments, blocks, residues from past experiences, or other dynamics). As your Counselor, we then work together to release what no longer works, change the intent and belief system and move forward. This is much easier than you might imagine. My goal/intent is to help people discover their own truths, gain self-empowerment and in-turn improve their lives.

I hope this has enlightened you (it helped me…hee hee)...but if you still have a few thoughts on this, please feel free to contact me. Now, on to one of my loyal reader’s questions.

Hi Cherrene,

I heard you on the radio last week and didn’t have a chance to call in. I couldn’t find a pen to write the number down (that will teach me to get more organized!). I hope you can answer my question. I am in my 60’s, I live a wild life (3 boyfriends), I am on a bowling team, teach aqua aerobics and feel fantastic (I think I look pretty good too!). My life is great and busy, but recently my son decided that I needed to move into his big oversized house and live out the rest of my years with him, his wife and 3 kids. I love them dearly, but I would have to move to the west coast, leave all of my friends and probably become a live-in babysitter. I love my son and his family, but I don’t want to go. I feel like I will lose myself.  What do you see? Oh yeah, he lives on a vineyard (and boy, do I love my wine!).  Sally D. – Ft. Myers

Hi Sally,

Stay Put! You are now enjoying one of the best parts of your life and I would not change it. I am picking up on something that I would like you to let me know about. I am feeling that you have an ex husband (your son’s dad) out there and he might be adding to your son’s wishful thinking? As I hop on the ‘love train’, I am also picking up that you have chosen one of your 3 Musketeers and you are afraid to say anything to him. I want you to know that he is waiting for you make a move. Be a WOMAN…hear me ROAR…MEOWWWWWWWWWWW…lol.   You are not going anywhere except maybe to VS to do a little shopping…ok, I am being funny. I like your spirit and you are in for a wonderful ride! Ps...let me know if you are planning on a wine tasting anytime soon J  Love and Light!

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