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Please read these testimonials from past clients and keep an open heart!



     Cherrene, I cannot express how grateful I am today for your gifts, time spent together, and friendship.Through our session I have major clarity and an action plan for my restoration of health issues, owner's responsibility for my health issues, and insight with Montre' and Vernon to help me stay the course for them, and the info. with the E bowl sounds. Grateful!!!Remarkably, I am grounded and in total peace, joyful, ready to proceed on each count. Restoration in my spirit, priceless! Thank you! ....~Shirl

 It was truely a pleasure to see you again.  I just wanted to say thank you for your reading yesterday as it was both informative and enlightening. You have a wonderful talent also in the creative arts and if I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to call.  You are a high energy spirit with a very positive and motivating personality that I feel is very similiar to mine.   .... Thanks again Cherrene. ~ Lee

     Happy Birthday Cherrene:-)You were right on with my reading. I didn't know what you meant at first when you said you saw $ signs around our family house ...come to find out our river brings in ELVERS, glass eels that are in high demand and paying out $2000 a lb...Very exciting. Hope you are doing well.  .... ~Tara

      Cherrene, thank you for a validating experience yesterday.  I get panicked when the income dips, especially this much.  I can tighten the belt for a couple months until this fall.  You certainly tuned in to me, thank you. I have been withdrawing to the hermit life.  It feels like the thing to do. Maybe it is reviving my intuition.  I have worked on my grandfather this afternoon.  I'm still searching for a creative writing course. ~ Ethel

      Hi, I went away from our session together with sadness and regret. I knew that I had to let go of my relationship because of the pain it was causing both of us, but also knew that without trust, there was nothing anyways. Like you told me, there was no new addition coming into our family...it was a trick to keep me. I can't and won't live like that. I feel like a deep hole in where my heart should be. I know in time it will heal and be full again. I am going to stay looking forward and working on myself. You said to look in the mirror and say 'I love you' and I finally did. I cried like a baby for quite a long time and felt so free afterwards. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I think I will need to see you on a regular basis for a while and hope that is ok. I know you say not to use you as a crutch, but I am needing you now as my spiritual coach. I hope it is ok. I will talk to you soon.  ~ P. Archdale

     Hi Cherrene, Testimonial, use any parts if it will help others...The info and enlightening from our session has been invaluable on my spiritual and emotional progress road forward. I am slow due to the themes of rescue, responsibility, and secondary humanitarian.

     Hardest part for me in life is separating from emotional, getting self out of the way, and seeing things from another's perspective. From your teaching, I have come into realization about releasing the kittens/cat. Am now able to allow. A mile stone and am comfortably able to move forward on it. Thank you and thank Saint Frances for explaining! Whew!!! Many tears, stress, lack of restful sleep, and pain of loss I'm finally emotionally unstuck on the cat's issue! I can allow them their life paths and not infringe upon their free will and understand thanks to you guys. I am comforted knowing, Blacky the cat, and Saint Frances will guide these little babies. To keep them from hunger and in keeping them safe. Thank you for reporting that to me.  

     I am so blessed by knowing you and my guides. Love and big hugs your way my little sweet angel, I am grateful!!!! ~Shirley

 'Cherrene, you were so right-on with our reading! It has been 3 months since we spoke and I have to say, I did not want to accept what you were telling me, but knew in my heart that change was needed! Well, I kind of went on with my life and lo and behold, I realized that things you picked up on were happening! I am so glad I had a recording of our session and listened to it last week. So far about 90 percent has occured and I excited about life again. I am calling you for another 'tune up' in a few weeks and can't wait to talk with you again. You make me feel giddy and at the same time self-reliant in my life. Blessings to you! ~ Alice B.

   Wow, I can't believe how awesome you are! You did it once again! After a very worrisome few months, my business is turning around like you said. I am getting jobs left and right! As far as the red flag you saw with this girl I was seeing, you were right on the money. She was hanging around for the money and I didn't see it. I was blinded by my feelings for her.  I know I have been bugging you for over 5 years now, but I am addicted. I lack the patience gene, which is why I call you almost monthly. It is not only that I need and desire the guidance you give me, but I always come away from the session with a sense of lightness, joy and clarity. You always make me laugh and you are a great listener. I feel like I am finally owning my power once again and I thank you so much for being in my life. I have been meaning to send you a testimonial for a long time, so here you are! Thanks so much! ~ Frank

    Hi Cherrene,  I am now a firm believer in Divine Intervention! I was in turmoil as far as my relationship was going and ready to jump ship when I got the news that I had won this session.  After only 5 minutes, you dove right into my situtation, without any words from me and gave me some insight on what was really going on in my marriage. I was busy blaming everyone else and not taking responsibility for my own actions. You gave me some great tools to work with and some positive changes coming up in my future. I am not bailing, I am actually coming back on board. I love my husband and am telling him every day in as many ways as I can. I am looking forward to my future and working with you on a continual basis. You are inspiring, insightful and full love. bless you! ~Christine

Cherrene, I wanted to write to thank you and express what an important part of my life you have become. You have always been so on key with all of my readings, but more importantly you have such a way of calming me, and helping me to remember how to plant my feet when I’m fluttering about in panic mode, LOL. I can honestly say I have walked away from every session with an overall feeling of…how do I want to express this…serenity, empowerment, and understanding. I consider you one of my dearest friends and while I am completely aware we all have the answers within ourselves, I have come to rely on your guidance as it’s always good to get it from another perspective. Thank you! - Dan S., Florida

The trip you saw with a 6, and summer, happened the last of June. YEP, the mountains as you saw! I spent 2 weeks in TN with the family.(Sherry was absent from my life the whole time :-) )The down time you spoke about with creative endeavors has and continues to happen.(am going with the flow)

My helper Montre' stayed away for 2 months. She is pregnant and has another baby growing on the outside of the womb.I am allowing and as you suggested .I am accepting and receiving with an open heart. Vernon's help, with the cost of getting the car running, and on the road. Thanks for the heads up! (brakes and horn needs fixing and will be ready for inspection by the end of this week.) I am gratefully receiving and happy in giving. I will call for another appointment in a few months.
Take care always,  Blessings a much Love your way.    Shirley

 Hello CherreneFirst of all, thank you for making time to talk with me last Wednesday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have not listened to the taped product but I just wanted to let you know that you were right on the money about my travel plans. We left home early and still had to do some things before out flight...things still got challenging and before we knew it...it was a crunch for time...and then wonder of wonders, our original flight was delayed by 2 hours and this gave us time to do the things that needed to be done...and yes...my husband wanted us to still do separate flights when he saw things coming to a halt..and I insisted that we stay together...and voila...things worked out....thank you so much for the heads up! ~ Michelle P., Belgium

Cherrene, thank you so much for inspiring me and confirming my future journey. It is all happening right before my eyes...I have never been more happy! Congratulations on your new family blessing! - Alicia F., Vermont

 Hi Cherrene, 
     Tonight validated many things for me and the reason why I am where I am in my life.  To start off, I had open Daria's website for tonight program at 6 PM and put the streaming audio on pause.  I also brought up the e-mail that you had sent me informing me of tonight's program with the call-in phone number.  To my suprise, at 7 PM, while I was in the kitchen, Daria's program came on.   There is no one else here that could have hit the play button.  I was the second caller and you brought up the Lynx.  Not knowing anything about totems, I wanted to hear what came up for me....from you. You had been so enlighening from my past reading. 
     For the past 6 years, I have been in solitude, in events that were beyond my control. But it was during these quiet times that I was able to learn some of the "secrets" in the journey of the soul: through my study of past life and spiritual regression.  Although I have been at times frustrated at my income levels, I know that I am always protected and that my purpose was not yet ready to be fulfilled.  As soon as my "air" time was up, I started to read about the Totem Lynx medicine and as I was reading, so much of it resonated with my current life.  It also pararells my aquarian nature in so many ways.  Then I read about the Totem Raven and this was like the rising sign in relationship to the sun sign in astrology.  The other aspect of my personality with my interest in the spirit world.  I have both Neptune and Saturn in my 12th house.  Dreams and reality in  the after-life. 
     After reading some different articles on both of these totems, I realized that you are in my life to be my "big sister"  giving both support and guidance when I seem to be directionless, but still knowing that I am on the right path.  I had a sister, Carol, that was 2 years older than I, but passed due to spinal meningitis  2 months after I was born. 
     So I just wanted to again say Thank you for all of your help in understanding and grounding me in that I am where I need to be and that in reference to astrology, a new large chapter is about to unfold as Jupiter is in Aquarius, the sign of abundance and goodness will have its most dramatic effect on me in the late December and the 1st half of January.    I know that we have a spiritual realtionship that has manifested  itself in this segment of my life.  Thanks again and have a beautiful evening.   Love,  Lee ~ Lee, FL

    I highly recommend Cherrene! Thanks for the healing of my left foot yesterday, and no hard electrical shocks in the root, or tailbone area were present.  When awakened, many times, immediately asked Michael to take my nemesis and all other's energy away that were attempting to attach. I felt the energy on inside of left leg and small of back, and around tailbone areas. They were small electrical shots not near as powerful as previous ones. Thank YOU! I wanted to write to thank you and express what an important part of my life you have become. You have always been so on key with all of my readings, but more importantly you have such a way of calming me, and helping me to remember how to plant my feet when I’m fluttering about in panic mode, LOL. I can honestly say I have walked away from every session with an overall feeling of…how do I want to express this…serenity, empowerment, and understanding. I consider you one of my dearest friends and while I am completely aware we all have the answers within ourselves, I have come to rely on your guidance as it’s always good to get it from another perspective. Thank you!     ~           Danielle

       "When I spoke to you on the phone back in July, everything you had told me so far came true.  You told me to have my feet checked for Spurs...well the next day I went for an Xray of my left foot ….and you were absolutely right!  You also said that a confrontation was right around the corner for me, well I think it was about my dog, because I just had to give him up two weeks ago. I cried, my son cried, but everything is turning out ok. C. did worm his way into staying with us just like you said, …Thanks for all you have done so far, and I hope to be speaking with you soon."     -           Kim K., FL

 Hi Cherrene,
      My company has left and I was able to hear your tape you sent for the first time from June 7th reading. I wanted to give you an update.  Sweet Spirit that you are, You said:
            1) It is time to get your creative writing work out now. The time is hot.
     Lol, No sooner did you say that, when an agency and agent appeared. I have signed a contract, believe the buyer is stepping up as we speak, and expect to be published very soon! Cherrene, I've been writing children books, and novels since 1995, writing songs, and prose/poems since 1959. (I could not get a nibble, with the exception of "Rock Around the Clock" when a contest I had entered at age 9, and song was stolen from me.) THANK YOU FOR THE HEADS UP ON MY BOOKS!
            2) You hit the nail on the head, when you talked about the novel I'm working on, the context subject of the widow spider. and you had no idea my great, great, grandmother was grandma Moses until she came through. :-)
            3) You nailed my painful wrists, and left knee, too. You called out how my ego was getting in the way, causing the energy blocks. You worked with me with the healing Angels present, and WALA! ABSOLUTELY, no more pain! :-)
      I'll keep you posted on the other things as they come true in their time frame, from your reading.  Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with all of us! Keep reminding everyone, to keep following their dreams. The world needs their gifts and no one should die, with their music left inside.  In Love and Light,   ~ Shirley, NC

        Cherrene, I received your answer to my email (posted in your column “Ask Cherrene” in the SWFL Parrot) about the two guys I was involved with and what you said hit me like a lead balloon. You were right about the pattern I was forming…I have been doing this type of thing all of my life (letting men rescue me and then getting angry at them for doing this)! I talked to both and cleared the relationships up. I actually wrote my own business plan and presented to a few people and I now have created my own results. I am so proud of myself and I don’t think I could have done without your ‘kick in the butt’ (lol). I have more questions and am calling you for a real session in the next few weeks. I am so excited and look forward to it very much!  ~    Natalie H.

        I wanted to express my thanks for your help. You answered my question in the June issue of the SWFL Parrot and a few weeks after I read it, I called for an appointment. Your energy was so sweet and nurturing and at the same time very humorous. I have been very reluctant to see anyone like you, because of what I was afraid of hearing. I now know that that was some backwoods thinking on my part. I would like for you to post my testimonial on your website (if you want). I feel that what we worked on together, not only gave me an uplifting feeling of life, but it also got me refocused. I am now thinking more positively, being more grateful and doing kind things for strangers…paying it forward? I listen to my tape when I start getting a little out of focus and your words bring me right back! I am even dating again…oh my…there are women out there that think I am Hot! I thank you and look forward to seeing you again. Ps. I need some more cards (I gave out all that I had).   ~ Dan, Venice FL

        Cherrene, I had to send you a very special Thank You! We had a phone session in June and you hit the nail on the head as far as all of my questions were concerned. I didn’t even have to ask you anything; you just picked up on them. I was amazed! Things are processing as you said and I am just here for the ride. I am so glad that my Mom came through to you. I was ok with her passing, but as you said, my brother was not. I told him your information from Mom and he cried...they were happy tears. Also, my job was terminated (yeah!) and the opening you spoke of came through and I am now where I wanted to be. I actually enjoy going to work now…what is it you keep saying?... “Be in Happy Happy Joy Joy”…well I am! I did pull my little one out of her soccer camp and got her into horse camp for the summer. I think she has grown wings and is ready to fly. I am going to call you for a birthday reading (my birthday is in September). I think it is sweet that you offer money-off Birthday Gift Certificates. Take care and “Be in Happy Happy Joy Joy”!                -         Nicki, Sarasota FL 2007

     Dear Cherrene, I'm still feeling like Christmas morning when I was young, still giddy.  I feel so close to D, like he is with me now & all is well. My mother was angry with me before she died...her doctor had called & would not talk to her...he told me there was nothing more he could do for her...she was in the room when he told me.  When I hung up she was angry with me for not letting her talk to him...but he said he did NOT want to speak to her.  We drove her to Lancaster, PA in October of 1994 & she died Oct. 24, 1994.  When you mentioned her watching over Duane & said she felt at peace that was such a relief to me.  I loved my parents dearly, but I was closer to my dad.  I was thinking of the "R" & the only person that I "knew" he dated was Renee...she was a stunning blonde, but D was not ready to marry. 

     Thanks again Cherrene...you are the first person who has been able to set my mind at ease about D's death...for the first time in 5 years, I do not feel so sad.  I am going to tell Chris tonight when I talk to him...he is feeling down & I believe this will cheer him up.  Thanks again.... ~ Writer Girl

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