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SWFL Parrot Monthly Column: Ask Cherrene 7/07


I would like to state that I get my information from the Divine Source and I am only a channel for this information. The questions that I choose to answer are the ones I feel the most energy from. My responses are very limited, compared to my one-on-one sessions. I hope that anyone who is reading this, will have an open heart and possibly receive a message that will help comfort and clarify an issue going on in their life. Blessings, Cherrene

 Hi Cherrene,

I picked up your paper in St. Pete and have a question that I hope you can help me with. I think I may be pregnant and it is not with my husband! I am 52 and have fallen in love for the first and last time in my life! This was not at all planned and I want to know if you see any children in my future? The ‘possible’ father is very excited and I am at wits end! Please help!

– Lost Angel in Florida

 Hi Lost Angel,

My oh my…the sky is falling …the sky is falling…just kidding! I do not see any more children in your future. This was a wake-up call for you to get out of your rut and move into love! You seem to be torn between what the good girl should do and following your heart. You are not bad, but you will shrivel up and die if you don’t follow your passion. Be strong, be vigil, be clear and speak your truth to your husband. I am feeling that he might be feeling a bit stuck himself and this is going to be very healing for both of you. Ps…tell the gentleman you are seeing that he needs to be less controlling..and you know what I am saying!  Love and light…Cherrene


Your articles are very bittersweet…I have followed them for a few months and figured what the heck; I will give this a try. I have a question. I am about to retire and I don’t think I am going to feel alive afterwards. I am 65 and feel 35, but my body is ignoring me…lol. I am alone and spend all my time at work and then come home and that is about it. Do you see anything exciting in my future around the corner? – Alice, Fort Myers, FL

 Hi Alice,

Why do you say your body is ignoring you? Are you treating it like a temple with good thoughts, good food and good body awareness? If not, I can see your dilemma. You have a hobby that you have put on the back burner for a few decades that will be brought back out into the open. You seem to be a very responsible person and have not taken a lot of time to really enjoy your time here on planet earth. Time to rethink this? There is a group of people you are going to become involved with that share your interest (pottery I am thinking?) and it seems there is a gentleman who will be part of that group. As a matter of fact, I think he already knows you. Yes, life is going to be stirred up for you…watch for the end of the year and pull your party dress out of the closet! Love and light…Cherrene

 Hi Cherrene,

I am an airline stewardess and picked up this magazine at the airport. I wish I could see you in person, but I live in NC. Here is my question…I am trying to make ends meet with my 2 sons, my mortgage and my schooling. I am also seeing 2 gentlemen. One is really fun and the other I am really attracted to. The last one has offered to help me out financially, to get over the hump. We hardly see each other and he says he wants a long-term relationship with…I am so confused. Should I continue this and let him help me out, or walk away?

- Natalie, Wilmington, NC


Hi Natalie,

There are more women than you can imagine in the same boat. But to focus on your situation, I am getting signals that he is mixed in his feelings for you. He wants to be a provider and is proud of that role, but I feel it is not coming from his heart. I feel that you will be questioning your relationship quite a bit if you proceed. Yes, it is nice to feel that your financial obligation is now ‘poof’ gone! But I feel that if you really want to feel proud of your accomplishments, you need to see them through to the end…yourself…no escapism. I feel you have a pattern of being rescued quite a bit in your life and you are done being the ‘victim’. What do you think? I am feeling that there is a person that will be joining your household to help with the overhead, and the schooling will be creatively taken care of with your institution. Do not go into any relationship with strings attached, except maybe the ones around your two hearts. Give this #2 gentleman another year and I see many happy things going on for both of you. Love and light..Cherrene

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