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Military Voice Column 3/09

Hello Everyone:


Happy Spring! I had a few very interesting emailed questions this month and it was quite a chore to pick and choose. I look forward to getting all of your emails (cherrene@ctaylorcounseling.com) and I am sorry I can not get back to everyone. The emails that I answer are brief so that no one gets too bored with my ‘wise angelic wisdom’…lol. Personal readings are much more in-depth and heart-to-heart. If I have not had the opportunity to respond to your request, please keep trying, or if it is urgent, please contact me and we can set up a one-on-one session (first sessions are discounted).


            Dear Cherrene:

            I recently saw you at a Women’s Expo in Pensacola and you immediately touched on the fact that I had a loved one who was going through some health issues. You were right on target. It was my mother. Your insight was amazing since I had just talked to her that morning and found out about her issue that has been going on for quite some time. I was a bit angry that she kept this from me for over 3 years. You gave me your card told me to call if I had any questions. I am now home and want to see if I get the chance to be replied to in your column. My question is this, is my mother comfortable with what is going on, what kind of timeframe do I have to still be with her. I am astounded that she is still here (she is 90 and I am in my 60’s). Please give me something to hang onto. I hope you will hear me. - Ruth. G., Hartford, CT


            Dear Ruth,

            I remember you from the Expo…you had a very lively spirit, but I was feeling it was being squelched by something heavy in your heart. I really tune in much better with a name of the person in question, but here goes anyways. I am feeling that your mom (I am getting an R in the name, like Rose?...old fashioned name) has  been ready to move on for quite a while. She has now gotten the courage to face the fact that she will be leaving this plane and that she will no longer be responsible for taking care of her children. Even from her sick bed she is still in charge!! Whoaaaaaaaaa baby!! Let her know that you are fine, you are ok with her going to meet her love (your daddy) and also a woman (her sister?) is waiting on the sidelines. She is going to have a difficult time letting go of the reins, but she will! Make sure she has some music that she enjoys, lots of flowers and listen to her with your whole being. Love and light..Cherrene


            Hi Cherrene,

            I picked up the Military Voice at a restaurant in Fort Walton Beach and immediately turned to your column. I would like some guidance on a career change I am considering. This change would mean that I would have to relocate and leave my current partner. She is thinking that she would go anywhere with me, but I am not sure I want that added responsibility right now…but, let me assure you ‘she is a hot commodity’ and I love her. What do you see for me? – Tonya S., Crestview, FL


            Hi Tonya,

            I feel that a lot of your decisions in your life have been centered around the feelings of the people you are involved with. I am getting energy around the fact that this decision has to be about just you and everything else will follow. Question..Is there a child involved in this involvement? You seem to be on a great path and you should really consider making the career change…the universe is in a position to facilitate that for you. Do not fear the loss of someone who might not be up to the change..if it is going to happen, she will buy the ticket and get on the ride with you. Good luck in your leap of faith…you are going to fly!!!  Love and Light..Cherrene


I want to end this with a blessing to the New Season that has just begun for all of us! There is a new Life Cycle beginning and if you don’t have your seatbelts on, you might as well get off the ride! Plant new seeds, refresh old ways of thinking, write new goals for yourself…feel the energy of ‘new beginnings’ all around you. I am here to help you gain insight into your new goals, give you tools to help you with your garden and maybe a slight ‘nudge’ to make you finally see the light…hee hee. God/Goddess Bless All!


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