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Is your Psychic the Real Deal?

Spring heralds the desire for changes in your world and a time for seeking answers...

...Is Your Psychic/Intuitive the Real Deal?

     Yes, Spring is the one of the most highly energized seasons of the year. You have come out of the cave, put the heavy coats away, opened the windows and want to run barefoot in the grass! You feel an unexplained sense of excitement and anticipation. Where is this coming from and what do you do with it? Well, you could just enjoy it and go with the flow, or like many people, you can seek out someone to give you some answers!

    Your next step would probably be to call someone you trust for a referral. No luck?...time for a Google Search!  You type in your city and then the keywords: psychic, tarot, medium, clairvoyant..etc. Walla...before you know it, you have a barrage of names and site links right before your eyes! They must be reputable and justified if they are listed here, right? Not Necessarily. How many of you are familiar with the term 'Flim Flam Man'? That was a great movie! 

     Yes, as I am sure a lot of you know, they do exist all around us. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of authentic Seers, it just takes a bit more time to filter through to get to them. How do you do this to get to the Real Deal? It's not that hard at all...maybe I can help.

      First of all, think about what area of your life you are interested in looking into? Are you looking for Spiritual Guidance, some Medical Intuitive Healing, Life Coaching or maybe just a general look into your life with a Tarot/Psychic session? These practices are usually categorized for ease of the seeker.

     Secondly, if they have  a photo, how do you feel when you look at them? Can you sense anything? Use your body as a barometer. If you get a positive response, honor them by visiting their site and getting to know them.. Read the testimonials, their experience and articles they have written.  Do you still resonate with their energy? Do you think they will tune into the area that you are seeking answers into?

      If you are still interested, check their fees and length of sessions being offered. Do they fit within your budget?  Do you need to receive insight on a single question, are you looking for a Tune-Up,  or are you looking to delve a bit deeper into your life patterns and do some clearing? I personally prefer working with someone for at least half an hour for the first time and getting an 'imprint' of their personal energy. After this initial time together, tuning-in is so much faster and easier for Spirit. 

     This last question is important to me. Do they record the sessions for you or let you record? If not, that could be big red flag! Ask them why they don't and see if you feel comfortable with the reasons. I personally love the fact that my clients can listen to their sessions for validation, affirmations or just relive the memorable time we spent together! 

     This is all about you strengthening your Intuitive ability and to listening to that inner guidance that moves you in the directions you seek and desire. As you work more with this 'psychic muscle', it gets stronger.  The answers are always with us, it is just that we cannot always tune into them.

     Happy Journeys....to you and yours!

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