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Harbor Style Magazine Interview



Harbor Style Magazine had to opportunity to interview one of Southwest Florida’s leading Intuitive Counselors, Cherrene Taylor.  She has some amazing talents and we are pleased to share them with you.


How did you get started in your Intuitive Counseling career?

I have known that I have special abilities since early childhood (seeing things that nobody else saw…yikes).  I can remember, as a child, catching lightening bugs, fireflies for you purists, and one day catching a faerie (I named her Tinkerbell).  Funny but I was the only one who could see her. I’ve decided to write a children’s’ book about this experience, as well as a few others, while growing up.

 My parents actually helped me acknowledge these gifts by opening my eyes to the many different metaphysical and universal studies. I used to read tarot cards for my friends, for fun, and they would always come back for more. Over my lifetime I have fine tuned and expanded my intuitive gifts with meditation, astrology, numerology, crystal therapy, and many natural healing alternatives. My vision, from early on, was to incorporate all of these practices and gifts and have the opportunity to share them with others by creating Healing Centers.

When someone asks you what you do, how do you explain it?

Well, I simply state that I read energy, which is alive and everywhere. Some call this ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). They then follow with “so what are you getting from me right now?”, like I can just tune in immediately…sheesh.  Sometimes, when I am out and about and get a message around someone at the spur of the moment, I ask them if they want to hear it (before they start running for the door)...99% of the time, they do!

My intuitive ability allows me to see, hear and sometimes smell the information surrounding my client. I have my team of spirit guides that help in the facilitation of the information coming in, as well as the guides and spirits energetically connected to my client. I also do a lot of Spirit Channeling with someone who has passed on that is connected to my client. This creates a major opportunity for closure and/or healing to take place.

Do your clients have to be physically present for you to read them?

Since it is energy that I am reading, it is possible to do my sessions over the phone. I record everything for their personal use and mail them a copy.  I have not had the pleasure to meet a lot of my clients in person, but that is fine.  I can usually describe what they look like anyway.

So where have you taken these gifts?

I have done so many things in this lifetime that it makes my head spin. During a phase when I was learning of my Native American lineage, I started creating medicine bags and jewelry. That journey brought me to my line of leather wall sculptures (you can see them online). I then went on to teaching classes on sculpting, learning the Tarot, the basics of Feng Shui and a few others. Having run a few metaphysical centers during my journey, I’ve drawn a lot of teachers of many different esoteric modalities and became an avid student. About 25 years ago I got the message (kind of like a Universal 2x4 upside the head) that I needed to take these studies and use them for my life path.

While residing in North Carolina, I had a radio spot “Psychic Tuesdays with Cherrene”. I would hardly sleep the night before, but as soon as I got behind the mike and started to answer questions, you couldn’t stop me!  Can you believe I used to be a wallflower?

I have been in the corporate world off and on, in my life, and found that I don’t fit very well in a ‘box’. But I have to say that I learned a lot about business, management, marketing and tools needed to be successful as an Entrepreneur.

What kind of feedback do you get from your clients?

On the positive end, most of my clients now refer to me as a friend and as well as their counselor/life coach.  I get testimonials from them, which I have on my website (www.ctaylorcounseling.com) which they love, and I always get lots of referrals from them. I have been working with some clients for over 20 years and they call me once or twice a year for a ‘tune-up’ (especially around the first of the year).  It’s funny; I’ve even gotten a call from a long time client from a restaurant restroom asking me if I can pick up on any vibes on the person they just met!

What is the most negative feedback you get?

Fear of something awful in their future! It is funny how comfortable people are with accepting the past and not wanting to look into their future. I don’t give ‘bad’ news, I just inform them of any red flags that I might see and then we can deal with it. Sometimes they have some blocks or patterns that they are not willing to deal with. I give them insight on what I can see as the strongest potential, in front of them right now. I always tell my clients that they have a choice and free will…what I say is not written in stone…it’s their life!

While I’m sure some folks get readings just for the fun of it, are there ever life changing moments?

I had a woman who almost fell off her chair when I saw her Mom standing next to her as soon as she sat down.  I told her she smelled like cookies and she validated that by saying her Mother spent all her time in the kitchen.  Her Mother’s message was to follow her dream and pursue her catering business; she would be there to help.

A few years ago, I had another client come to see me who was surrounded in sadness.  I got a vision of her late Father preparing to beat her with his belt.  It was scary, but I pressed on.  Suddenly he sat down and began to cry and ask her forgiveness.  The important thing was her family was beginning to fall apart because she was emotionally abusing her husband and son.  With the discovery of where this was coming from, she forgave her Dad, and changed her outlook.  Her home life has now become peaceful and loving.

Speaking of Love, I’ll bet you get a lot of questions about relationships, right?

I always get questions about relationships and love.  Is he or she the one?  Where is this relationship going?  Why can’t I meet Mr. or Ms. Right?   Am I getting married? ...things of that sort.  We go through life with patterns that we are not aware of, and I help clients to see these patterns and assist them in releasing them.

Do you ever get feedback on your predictions of the future?

Yes, it is one of the reasons I tape every session.  Many of my clients call me to tell me how accurate I am.  For example, a young married woman came to me and as soon as she sat down I felt she would be having a daughter within the next two years.  I told her they had been trying too hard and now had the time to devote to this child and their family.  She started crying and laughing as she said they had been trying for the past 3 years.  She recently sent me an e-mail with a picture of her beautiful daughter Danielle.

I am currently working on a book about my life path and the experiences of those who have sought my assistance on their path. I am very excited about it! Some stories are sad, some are happy, but most important is that a lot of them are inspirational for others. I am so grateful for all I have given and received in my work and I want to share it.

How do people get in touch with you?

Of course they can call me at 252-982-6140 or email me at Cherrene@cherrenetaylor.com . I am currently expanding my site www.cherrenetaylor.com to include a retail shop, interactive calendar (which will allow you to see the times available and immediately register and pay for a session), a list of ongoing classes and wonderful links.  By signing up for our mailing list, you will receive monthly e-zines and a chance to win our monthly drawing for a Free Session!

Thanks, Cherrene. (So what are you getting from me right now?)

Very funny Mickey!  We’ll talk about it later.

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