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"I am so happy you are visiting my site. My mission is to assist you in getting answers to any challenges that might arise in your life, get clarity on patterns and energies that are no longer serving you and help you to see the beautiful uniqueness that is yours alone. You are a masterpiece in this life!


Is our Thanksgiving holiday still about giving thanks? Or is it more about eating all the turkey and pumpkin pie we can hold and watching football on television?
      Personally, my family has just had a tragic loss of a family member, Paris has just had a tragedy with the loss of many lives and who knows the losses that are not of our knowledge.  With this, how do we find room in our hearts to be thankful? Our hearts are saddened with grief, despair and concern for the people lost and those left behind.
      Undoubtedly, most of us give some thoughts to being grateful as the year winds down and we become reflective around Thanksgiving time. But those thoughts may be brief and transient as we focus more on the hearty meal and fun with friends and relatives that dominate the day. Some families will say a short prayer of thanksgiving before the meal, while others tend to overlook the spiritual aspect of this holiday, awaiting the amazing meal that is about to be set before us.
      Since we continue to call the holiday "Thanksgiving," the days and hours leading up to the feast are an appropriate time to think about all that we have. The ‘Group Consciousness’ at this time of year is a blessing in and of itself. You can feel it in the air, in the people you meet, in the music you hear. I wish it could be among us every day of the year!
     How do you give thanks? Do you say a prayer, a short song, a memory of some wonderful part of your life, or a sweet note about someone who is no longer here? The way you give thanks is not a critical issue; it is the fact that your heart is open to feel the flood of love that is connected to your message and it touching others around you.
      Anyone can make an appropriate statement to show gratitude and appreciation, and we all should do so from time to time. This holiday is about remembering that we can do this celebration at any time during the year, not just during the month of November.
      We all have a lot to be grateful for and I want to say this to all who are reading this, and those that are not…



 With divine love and light,   Cherrene




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