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Change, UH OH...Did I Do That??? 5/08



Change - . “to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone”


Think about it! What a huge word…how much do we encourage it, or engage in it, or welcome it into our lives?  What are we willing to give up, to get to that next level of ‘Oneness’ with our own little worlds? Change is a natural primal instinct that we all hold in our DNA’s in the most simplistic form. It is sometimes a threatening ‘verb’ and brings out a lot of insecurity in our soul beings.


In the past few months, I have made a few major leaps in faith and major life changing choices.  I have relocated, become involved in a new relationship and am re-establishing my life path. I have watched and felt the various reactions of family and friends during this transition.  It has filled the spectrum from ‘joyous, supportive and loving’ to ‘how dare you hurt me, I hate you for leaving and don’t get hit by the next bus!’.  The knee-jerk reaction (for the latter) was an immediate reaction of ‘what did I do to bring this on and how can I fix it? ”. To these few, I send Love Bombs!


For most of my life, I have been witness to many changes that I have either chosen or been privy to. I felt how these choices affected my friends and loved ones and how I needed to deal with it. I encourage Change and believe it makes the world a more kaleidoscopic place to dwell. Look at nature…how often does a squirrel come home to find his home has been taken away?  He takes it in stride and finds another tree! No Problemo!

If you choose to seek counsel, guidance, a glimpse of some hope in your future…You are asking to be shaken up!  Be not afraid of what you are going to hear or feel…you asked for it! The reason people seek counselors like myself is because they are fed up with the rut they have grooved out for themselves. Yes, it might be a bit uncomfortable to give up the so-called ‘known life’, but clean off those muddy glasses and see what is available within your grasp!

 ife is full of celebration of all levels of life! Whether it be rocky or smooth sailing. Ask yourself “what changes brought me to where I am right now”?  I don’t care if the path behind you looked or even looks kind of icky at the moment, you are here…a seed that you have planted is being harvested. The people that get in that dirt with you and help you to seek and harvest are true believers in you. You are at this moment a ‘shining example’ of what they seek in themselves.

The Law of Attraction invokes that all dreams are your future, all choices brought you to where you are, your intuition is your greatest guide and ….life is not always a joy ride, but oh what a ride if you are willing to grab on! Embrace your changes, embrace and support the changes of those you care about and love life!

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