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This has been quite a year for a lot of people. With all of the ups and downs going on around me and my loved ones, it seems that overall we are still in a pretty good frame of mind. I, personally, notice that when things are not going as planned (as I planned) I get resentful and a bit angry. Yes I do!
     In retrospect, when I look back and see what actually turned out, I see that I was getting in the way. There is always going to be a journey, there is always going to be a brief stopping point on our journeys and then we are on our way again. Being a Gemini, my challenge is staying focused and learning patience.
     When I see that mountain that I have to climb (again), I ask myself if there is a shortcut around it...how can I get to the other side quicker? While I am pondering this thought and getting my mind all wrapped up in it, I soon find myself moving towards the summit and seeing the other side.
     I forget that life is about what we are seeing on our journey..not the end result, or destination. We might even decide somewhere along the way that we changed our mind and took another path, or even turned around. This is quite alright. This is us using our Free Will...our own personal gift, our God given right!
     Take a look at where you are at this time in your life. Think about all the turns you have made, all the climbs you have attempted and succeeded to see to the end, and all the effortless paths you walked...it has all brought you to where you are right now.


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