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SWFL Parrot: Testimonials 8/07


“Hi…in this issue I would like to give you a taste of some of the responses from my clients. Testimonials say a great deal about the validation that comes from my sessions. I hope you enjoy what you read. Love and Light to you and yours!”


Cherrene: I received your answer to my email about the two guys I was involved with and what you said hit me like a lead balloon. You were right about the pattern I was forming…I have been doing this type of thing all of my life (letting men rescue me and then getting angry at them for doing this)! I talked to both and cleared the relationships up. I actually wrote my own business plan and presented to a few people and I now have created my own results. I am so proud of myself and I don’t think I could have done without your ‘kick in the butt’ (lol). I have more questions and am calling you for a real session in the next few weeks. I am so excited and look forward to it very much!

-         Natalie, Wilmington, NC

 Cherrene:  I wanted to express my thanks for your help. You answered my question in the June issue of the SWFL Parrot and a few weeks after I read it, I called for an appointment. Your energy was so sweet and nurturing and at the same time very humorous. I have been very reluctant to see anyone like you, because of what I was afraid of hearing. I now know that that was some backwoods thinking on my part. I would like for you to post my testimonial on your website (if you want). I feel that what we worked on together, not only gave me an uplifting feeling of life, but it also got me refocused. I am now thinking more positively, being more grateful and doing kind things for strangers…paying it forward? I listen to my tape when I start getting a little out of focus and your words bring me right back! I am even dating again…oh my…there are women out there that think I am Hot! I thank you and look forward to seeing you again. Ps. I need some more cards (I gave out all that I had).

-    Dan, Venice FL

 Cherrene: I had to send you a very special Thank You! We had a phone session in June and you hit the nail on the head as far as all of my questions were concerned. I didn’t even have to ask you anything; you just picked up on them. I was amazed! Things are processing as you said and I am just here for the ride. I am so glad that my Mom came through to you. I was ok with her passing, but as you said, my brother was not. I told him your information from Mom and he cried...they were happy tears. Also, my job was terminated (yeah!) and the opening you spoke of came through and I am now where I wanted to be. I actually enjoy going to work now…what is it you keep saying?... “Be in Happy Happy Joy Joy”…well I am! I did pull my little one out of her soccer camp and got her into horse camp for the summer. I think she has grown wings and is ready to fly. I am going to call you for a birthday reading (my birthday is in September). I think it is sweet that you offer money-off Birthday Gift Certificates. Take care and “Be in Happy Happy Joy Joy”!

-         Nicki, Sarasota, FL

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