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Does Asking for Guidance....9/07


.....mean giving up Control of your Life?

 I am an Intuitive Consultant/Life Coach, so it goes without saying that I am continuously asked for guidance from many people in my life. Does this mean I take control over their lives? No….if you ask, then you are open to receiving. The usual concerns have to do with being on the right track with a person, career path, health concern or something else life altering at the moment. Before I move forward, I look into my heart and ask permission to give the guidance that will help them to move forward on their journey (they ask, I answer…and so it goes). The message I get from Spirit is the strongest potential shown to me, but we all have the Free Will to change anything.

 I don’t always give them the answers they want to hear, but I share anyway. I ask Spirit (this is my Higher Self tuning into the Source)…I listen to what Spirit has to say….I pass on what Spirit said…and then if the answers do not fit…THEY ARGUE WITH SPIRIT!  I then ask them “what is it you wanted to hear”?  ..“Well definitely not that!  So I come back with “then change it”!  “But how”?  This is when the control of their life is now put into my ‘so-called’ hands!

 When is the line crossed between the act of assisting and the act of controlling? In the middle of a challenge, did you ask for help or was help thrown at you because of someone else’s need to ‘take control’? This is where the line is crossed. This is where resistance comes in and self-empowerment goes out the window.

 When you have that urge to make a change or just shake things up a bit, how do you manage it? Do you go it alone and look inside for the answers? Do you turn to your circle of friends and ask them for something inspiring to kick you in the butt? Or maybe you seek the advice of a professional counselor (yes, that would be me)? These are all examples of ‘asking’ and allowing the answers to be shown to you…which are the most empowering!

 Dear Cherrene:

I have seen you every year for the past three years as a birthday treat to myself. I usually just want a ‘spiritual tune-up’, as you call it, and always come away with more than I asked for. You sometimes told me things that I did not want to hear and I went against your advice. Even though I called once a year, I would follow-up with phone calls and emails, wanting clarity on what you had said. I did not trust the information being given and only wanted to hear what I wanted to hear and ended up in the relationship that you warned me about. I was miserable for over a year and wanted to crawl into a hole. I think I just wanted you to tell me that everything would be ok and I would be fine, eventually. You were strong (and very patient) and told me to be in my own space and listen to my heart. I did! I am now away from this person (after many tears and soul searching) and on my path! I wanted to send this to apologize for not believing in your guidance and to tell you that I have never been stronger than I am now. I will still call you on my birthday, but I am now learning to seek the answers to my questions within myself and know that at this moment, my truth is my truth. Many blessings to you!

 G. Pike – Raleigh, NC

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