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In Person or by Phone?

Intuitive Sessions -
In-Person or
by Phone
Is there a Difference?
   What is the difference between having an ‘Intuitive Reading’ in person or over the phone? I have been asked this question many times over the past years.  I have given this a lot of heartfelt searching and want to share some insight with you.
   I often hear ‘I feel like it would be more precise and ‘more accurate if I was there in person’. What makes a person feel or think, that this has such an important factor in the decision on who you would place your trust in? Who are you going to allow to see into your deepest, most vulnerable part of yourself? What is of more value to you...sitting across from someone in a physical vibration,  or sitting still in your own sacred space and just allowing the energy to flow between the both of you over the airwaves? The question I then ask is “how trusting are you and how much trust do you have in the ‘seer’ that you are deciding on?
   I believe that we are made up of different receptive channels. We trust the incoming level and flow of information to resonate at our own personal energy vibration. A ‘Visual’ type personality will want to see the body language, feel comfortable with the person and feel that tangible connection to engage in a trusting communication. I can usually feel this choice by the first communication we have.
   A more ‘Audio’ type personality won't mind the distance because you will be tuning in to what you hear, trusting in the information without having to validate the translator by the physical. There is much more on this, but we will move on.
   Clairvoyants, Intuitives, Mediums, Seers...however you want to label us, we have a gift to shut out the noise (the static) of your own inner radio waves. We have strengthened this tool (which I personally believe belongs to all of us) and offer this gift to decipher and transcribe what is already in your energy field. In the present state of the earth waves surrounding us, this is a bit more challenging than it was many eons back. If you ever took shorthand, sign language or learning another language, this is much like that. We are decoding your energy and auric values.
   Intuitive or Energy readings are just that....energy. There is no tangible thing to hold on to. Your Higher Self/Spirit is translating your information to someone/some thing that can interpret the code that you are presenting – like hieroglyphics. If you went into a cave and tried to transcribe the pictures, would you understand the story that is being presented to you?
   Intangible guidance might be explained by ‘Light’. You see the sun, it warms your body...do you see the energy that is warming you...no, but you can feel it. Turn on a light, you can see now, but can you grasp the light?  No..but you can see what that energy does. You are trusting in something that you can not grasp, which is defined ‘intangible’. It can also be defined as ‘love’. You can not grasp it, you just know when it is there and when it isn’t.
   To better explain tangible would be to exemplify the food you eat, the person you are hugging, the pen you hold or in this scenario the cards that are dealt in a Tarot Reading. These you can see, validation of what is being told to from ‘your story’.
   Being a Medium/Clairvoyant is the same thing. You have to trust that the answers for your questions, are inside of you. We are just here to help you see them, hear them and own them. Which ever path you choose in gaining the guidance that you seek, know that there is not a difference in the information given. It is how much you trust how it is offered to you.
   In love and peace, Cherrene