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Good Riddance 2007 ...Welcome 2008!


“What the heck was I thinking? How did I get myself into this quagmire”?  Here we are in the start of a fresh New Year and some of us are sitting there under a pile of last years’ bills, maybe your significant other is on their way out, or your home turned upside down in the marketplace…and a blur of other so-called  maladies? Sometimes no matter what you do, it just falls out of whack! Just say it…I GIVE UP!!!! Now say it again and mean it this time! Ok, now what??? Let’s recreate ourselves!

 Below is an email I have answered, along with a client’s testimonial, that I hope will be inspirational to you!

 Dear Cherrene:

I am a teacher for Fifth Graders and sometimes I feel like I am not making any change with them. I am frustrated. There is one very special student that is like a bright light to me. She is not stylish, the others kids ignore her so she spends a lot of time alone, she does not show up at school because of family issues, but she is always in high spirits! I know that life has handed her a heavy load and I want to give her some kind of sign that life for her will eventually brighten. Can you give me something to pass on to Suzie G. that will keep her holding on?  Ps…I sometimes read your column to my students and then have them write about it. I welcome your answer.  Anonymous – SW Florida

 Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your interest in your students, first of all. I admire teachers that love their chosen vocation of reaching out to our children/young adults. Suzie has chosen to be a beacon to those around her. I can feel her strength and fortitude came from a long line of strong women in her lineage. This is also a testing ground for her until she reaches high school. I am getting that her high school will be in a new city, where she will be free of the old school mates and be able to start recreating a fresh new life. I wish I could say it will happen right away, but she still has some soul work to finish. Her mom will also be getting a lot out of this coming year. Continue to be there for her. You will be amazed at what transpires. Question for you - did you get a gift of commitment this past Christmas? I send you Love and Light! Cherrene

 Testimonial from a Client:

2 weeks ago I spoke with a mother of two who was in her last 24 hours of being evicted from her home.  She had tried everything and she was at her wit’s end!  She was months behind in her rent and could not catch up!  I spent some time with her and told her that she would be ok and not have to move, and that she was looking in the wrong place for the money she needed. She was also in the process of ending a pattern she no longer needed.

 The next day she called me and told me that I was right on! She realized was not looking in the right place. She got more than enough money to pay her back rent, repair her car and have money to do Christmas for her sons! The landlord even offered to work something out to let her buy her home!


Sometimes the timing does not seem right and we lose trust in our faith. As you look back though, eventually didn’t everything turn out as it should? Maybe not the way you expected, or when you expected, but maybe better? Let go of the grasp on the outcome, let your life unfold like a beautiful flower, in it’s own time…don’t force it. You will be amazed what you begin to see happening in your life. I wish you a fantastic New Year of all kinds of wonderful possibilities! Love and light!

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