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Getting Your Groove Back - Part 1 Adrenals

02e34149.jpgAll of my life I have been interested in nutrition and health, truly believing that what I feed my ‘temple/body’ is what I am. I am very careful as to what I put into it. With this being said, I also feel that what you feed your ‘mind and spirit’ also makes up who you are.

In the past few years I have noticed that I am feeling slightly out-of-step with my body, mind and spirit connection. My brain is saying "Wow, life is great; I have so much to be thankful for and so much more to do!" In my head, I thinking I am still in my thirties (ok, maybe forties…) and I can do anything...but my body is not particularly agreeing with this vision as much as it could! Oh what happened to that 'Happy - Happy - Joy - Joy' feeling that always filled my spirit?

Well, I began a personal journey in researching and experimenting with some different areas of healing and regeneration. It’s not that I want to turn back the clock (I love who I am!), just slow it down...A LOT! With a pretty healthy lifestyle and a positive spirit, I thought I was taking care of myself very well, but I have found that I have created some disharmony that has settled in. If it has taken years to create this unbalance, it goes without saying that it will not be totally healed overnight.

Being a healer and empathic, my light is always on. I am the ‘go-to girl’ when life throws you a curve ball, a hugger when life is too heavy a burden, a listener and counselor when there is too much noise to hear your inner guidance. With this gift comes a slight sacrifice on my part and many other ‘light-workers’ out there – we sometimes don’t know how to release those heavy vibrations and just turn off the light.

The most affected part of my body being stressed is my Adrenals ( a depletion of normally existing cortisol levels in a person's body). Not only are the energy levels affected, bodily organs and functions will also diminish - the heart and cardiovascular system, the immune system in fighting off infections, and other systemic functions. There are simple tests to take and questions you can answer, to see if this is affecting you.

To get myself back on track, I began taking Adrenal Health supplements a few weeks ago and have noticed a drastic improvement in energy, stress levels and sleep. In addition to this approach and to be the most effective in bringing balance back to my whole body, I have added acupuncture treatments to my protocol.

I know that there is a lot of information being offered by everyone on the internet and it can be very overwhelming. But, when making a final decision on where to place your trust and hard earned money, who do you listen to? You listen to your own friends...right? Well, I am here for you! I will be updating my journey on a regular basis and would love any feedback to share with anyone interested. I am listing links below, if you would like to visit the sites and learn more.


Marc S. Cutler, Acupunture 



Adrenal Fatigue Links



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