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Energies of 11.11.11 by Diana Henderson

Dear Lightworkers,

 We spiritual travelers here on planet Earth have an extraordinary opportunity to shift into greater harmony and enlightenment this Friday. While much has been expressed by many, I'm joining the chorus with a few insights meant to uplift and align.


On the 11th day of the 11th month in the 11th year of the 21st century, a portal of ETERNAL LOVE and LIGHT opens to every life form on the planet. A massive influx of energy from the higher dimensions spreads like a wave of nurturing intelligence and loving wisdom to awaken all willing souls to higher consciousness. 

 For some, it will seem like any other day. They may unconsciously tap into the stream and find themselves feeling just a little different or perhaps having interesting dreams as they sleep. Some may choose to sleepwalk through the entire wave of love and never consciously notice the shift their souls are making. But for those who choose to surf the wave of light and tap into the flow of Divine Love, we will be nourished with the essence of Father-Mother God and expand those energies into our lives and the world. It's time to reprogram our reality and God is giving us a powerful influx to do just that!!

 Below, I've included the angelic messages for the final quarter of the year and for November. Next, I added a bit of info on 11 as a master number in numerology and on the 11th ray. Please join me in surfing the Lightstreams of Love this Friday!

 Some of you have signed up to attend the 11th Ray initiation this Friday evening, which is available only to those who have completed the initiations into first three rays and the eighth ray. These are foundations for the upper ray initiations, which is why it would be inappropriate energetically to do the 11th without having done those first. I'll be delighted to share this experience with those who are ready to receive it. However, I wanted to offer something to everyone; so here's another opportunity.....

 Do you have 11 minutes? This Friday, 11/11/11 at precisely 11:11 AM EST, I'll be holding an 11-minute meditation to tap into the flow of Love! Please join me in expanding that powerful, loving energy by calling the number below at that time. Please try to be on the line by 11:10 to be on the safe side. (Note that this is a long-distance call.) I'll do my utmost to end the call at or very near 11:22. The dial-in info appears below.

 Fourth quarter message of Light: Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith:

Deep in the heart of Light lies the story of your soul. Ask yourself, “How may I serve the cause of my soul song?” Know that you came to this world to do nothing less than express your light. Realize the dream; awaken to the glory. Become the sweet essence of your uniqueness, for you are endlessly loved!

 November: Aurora (Uriel's Divine Complement): Seek in the light of Dawn the sweet song of the Angels. We whisper in the golden rays of the morning sun like feathered wings stretching into the sky. Hear the message from the Divine radiance and know peace. 



In numerology, eleven is a master number; so we have the energy of the master number three times in 11/11/11. 

 Eleven Energy

In Light: visionary, inventive, idealistic, powerful, inspiring, creative, confident, able to see “big picture”

In Shadow: indecisive, dissatisfied, impractical, unfocused, ungrounded

 Which qualities will we choose to align with on 11/11/11? All the beneficial qualities are available to us on this powerful day. It's a remarkable time to align with and build our personal vision for the future. This can be a day for consciously envisioning the future we want. But this is something we need to focus on for more than a moment or even an hour. For optimal results that Divine vision needs to permeate the consciousness the entire day. Each of us has to decide what we will manifest through every thought, word, action, emotion and intention.

 The number 11-11-11 equals Divine Oneness to the power of six and Divine Mastery to the power of three. One is the Godhead, the origin point, the first ray, the foundation. Eleven is the power of two 1s united. It is Mother and Father God acting in unison to create the Universe!

 In this date we have three powerful master numbers. We've looked at 11 already. But in addition, the month and day alone, 11/11, represent the master number 22, the number of Divine Life Force, inner fire, and higher perspectives. In 11/11/11, we also receive the powerful light of 33, another master number representing the Divine Consciousness. So we can access the energies of 11, 22, and 33 all on the same day!

 Using numerology, the full date, 11/11/2011, reduces to 8 [1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 8]. The 8 Vibration represents manifestation, empowerment, success, and abundance.


The 11th Ray of Divine Light embodies Nurturing Intelligence, Loving Wisdom, Divine Creation, Spiritual Integration, Balance and Joyful Relationship. Its color vibration is peach or pink-orange; so wearing either peach, orange or pink will help you tune into the vibration throughout the day. Meditating on these colors as you joyfully hold prayers for wholeness and blessings will strengthen your intentions.

 The words from Michael and Faith ring deeply true this 11/11/11. I repeat this part again: Ask yourself, “How may I serve the cause of my soul song?” Know that you came to this world to do nothing less than express your light. Realize the dream; awaken to the glory. If we want to align most fully with the Divine dream for our lives, we need to live this question and its answer on 11/11/11.

 We're going into the season of gestation. What we conceive and breathe life into now, we come to fruition in the coming year. We can look at 11/11/11 as the day we join in Divine conception to give birth to truer lives than we have ever known.

 With love and eternal light,



P. S. Something you may enjoy: Jonathan Goldman's YouTube video on how 11.11.11 becomes the Divine name in Hebrew (Yod He Vod He).

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