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Astrology Birth Charts

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Astrology Birth Charts


This chart portrays the positions of stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth.  It helps you to make calculations regarding various events in your life and thus helps you make predictions about your future.


There is a certain truth predicted by the astrology birth chart as experienced by many people. You need to know your birthday information to create this - date, time and location. The corresponding planets at this given time will then tell you a story.


The planets and their corresponding positions in the sky, at your specific time of birth, give you much information on your own blueprint. They will help you examine how you look at your life, what brings out your emotions and how you deal with them, the people you attract, the obstacles to look out for and many other things. The three strongest placements are your sun sign (who you are), ascendant (the mask you show) and the moon (how you deal with emotions).


After the age of 30, we begin to start transcending into our ascendant in a very big way. I ask my clients to always pay attention to reading their sun sign report as well as their ascendant (rising sign – opposite your sun sign on the horizon at the exact time of your birth). This gives you a well- rounded outlook.


You can get to decipher things by studying or examining the astrology birth chart. This information can show details about the future life of an individual you are in a relationship with, as well as your own. Charts may not be 100% accurate predictions, but can offer guidance and counsel and a rare and unique view of certain special or deep aspects of yourself. You can develop your character by going through these astrology birth charts and use them in your favor in the future.


These charts help to take a deeper meaning of an individual self when examined carefully. This helps to open yourself to your unconscious or deeper self. You can thus get rid or free from strange unconscious habits or personality traits. At this stage you can engage yourself in psychological and emotional therapies.

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